Are you a real Francophile?

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Question 1

When did "La Vie en Rose", Edith Piaf's song, first aired?

The 20's
The 40's
The 60's
Question 2

Who among these artists is French?

René Magritte
Pierre Alechinsky
Paul Gauguin
Question 3

What is this cooking tool used for?

Question 4

This song is...

A children lullaby
A region anthem
A R-rated song
Question 5

What is the French's biggest sweet weakness?

Macarons à la vanille
Caramels au beurre salé
Croissants aux amandes
Question 6

Who is Ophélie Winter?

A singer
A former pornstar
A TV host
Question 7

Which of the following drinks is wine?

Floc de Gascogne
Côtes de Provence
Pommeau de Normandie
Question 8

What's the French women annual clothing budget?

Question 9

Who among these singers is French?

Tino Rossi
Salvatore Adamo
Question 10

Which of the following sketchs is Florence Foresti's most famous one?

La cour de Récré
L'avion de Barbie
La leçon d'anglais

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  • Nayeon54696July 31st, 2014Actually Holloween DOES exist in France.
  • seanfoo7721July 30th, 2014Iam very pas terrible sur ce coup là ! 5/5
  • bismark914362July 30th, 2014Bravo !!
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