Leonardo Di Caprio ST JO

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Question 1
Who is this person ?

An actor, a produce, scriptwriter
A bussinessman
A singer
Question 2
When was he born ?

He was born in November 1974
He was born in May 1974
He was born in December 2014
Question 3
What is his nationality ?

He is American
He is French
He is Italian
Question 4
Where does he live ?

He lives in Los Angeles
He lives in NYC
He lives in Miami
Question 5
Which movie did he play ?

He played in Titanic
He played in James Bond
He played in Fast and Furious
Question 6
How many oscar did he get ?

He had 1 oscar
He had 2 oscars
He had 3 oscars
Question 7
What association did he fond ?

He founded Unicef
He founded Leonardo DiCaprio association
He founded Les Restos du Coeur
Question 8
How many wives did he have ?

He had one wife
He had two wives
He had four wives
Question 9
What colour is his hair ?

His hair is blond
His hair is brown
His hair is dark blond
Question 10
How old is he ?

He is 42 years old
He is 45 years old
He is 40 years old

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