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Question 1
Which is the song not performed by Edith Piaf?

Y'a de la joie
Hymne à l'amour
Venez Milord
Question 2
Supported by Serge Gainsbourg and Lenny Kravitz, I had a romance with an Hollywood star. Who am I?

Liane Foly
Jennifer Ayache
Vanessa Paradis
Question 3
Who composed the songs "Je t'aime... moi non plus"?

Boris Vian
Alain Chamfort
Serge Gainsbourg
Jacques Dutronc
Question 4
International Breton singer, I popularized Celtic harp. Who am I?

Gilles Servat
Renan Luce
Alan Stivell
Question 5
Which is the odd one out?

Celine Dion
Nolween Leroy
Question 6
Which famous red-headed singer sings "Libertine"?

Mylène Farmer
Question 7
"Syracuse", "Le lion est mort", "Zorro est arrivé"…

Henri Salvador
Sasha Distel
Benjamin Biolay
Question 8
My partner has been murdered due to the success of "Là-bas". Who am I?

Johnny Hallyday
Jean-Jacques Goldman
Patrick Fiori
Question 9
Which is the odd one out?

Bob Sinclar
David Guetta
Antoine Clamaran
Question 10
Which is the song not performed by Claude François?

Alexandrie Alexandra
Le téléphone pleure
Les vieux mariés

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  • Evan1Apr 3rd, 2013Essayez de choisir des logos différents pour chaque quiz s'il vous plaît, les joueurs feront mieux la distinction entre vos différents quiz. Merci :)
  • Famous15220Apr 2nd, 2013J'ai modifié! merci
  • Tyeor15398Apr 2nd, 2013Question 4 : Alan Stivell didn't "created" it, but he popularized celtic harp.
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