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The Quizity team

1. Quizity, play the best quizes !

Quizity is simple, pleasant and free
Ramp up in the rankings and win points to level up
Hundreds of quizes on every subject
An HTML5 feature (Canvas) to grayscale a quiz you already played
A great community of active and friendly players !

2. The best interface to create a quiz

An ergonomic and intuitive 2.0 interface, (100% Ajax)
Customize points granted to each answer
Add images and videos to every question
Add hints and explanations
Define how confidential your quiz should be
Automatic HTML5 (LocalStorage) saving system, so you never lose the quiz you are editing
Set up the pagination of your quiz and much more !

3. Embed a quiz on your own website

Example: on a blog
The first real quiz webservice
All you need to do is copy-paste a line of code in your page
The quizz service is 100% javascript, no iframe nor Flash
Embed the quiz and see it integrate gracefully in the design of your site or blog
No forced redirection of your visitors, they get all the results without leaving your site !
Embed the ranking of the quiz as well
Generate a special ranking that will display your visitors only
Many options to customize the quizz service
An export tool and a complete documentation for developers
If you have a question or comments to help us improve Quizity, contact us !

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