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Learn more with Yanis Mickaël ans Rayan
Here's a quiz about skateboarding
You can't imagine your daily life too much without a PC (personal computer), without a personal computer. The first small computers appeared in the 1960s. In 1965, the first desktop computer, the Olivetti Programma 101, was commercialised. The first real
Vous aller adorer
Inventeur: Benjamin Franklin
Travailler pour mmd harroche
Do you really know Johnny Cash?
This is about Sylvester Stallone
This quiz is create to test your Marvel's knowledge.
This is about Elon Musk
29) Marvel
Le quiz des accros
30) QMC
A time to kill
What do you know about the English Novel ?
What do you know about the English Romantic movement ?
Quizz on the book Deadly Jobs by Philipa Boston
Do you really know BTS ? This quiz has been translated from its basic version. Excuse me if the translation is not good.
Football americain

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