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New anti-spam rules

Due to foreign spammers posting message for some magic pills, we've decided to have harsher rules about comments.

From now on, newly registered members will need to have their comments validated before they can appear on the website. But don't worry, legitimate users will be whitelisted so they don't suffer from this new policy.

This new feature is unfortunate but human stupidity sometimes forces us to act like this. It's even more unfortunate that these dumb spammers can't even notice that links on Quizity are generated by javascript, so they can't even benefit from any referencing. Anyway, they'll never win on Quizity :) Enjoy your game!

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Adults only & 3rd anniversary !

Quizity celebrated its third anniversary this month ! It's been a great year with much activity in our community and always more players everyday. Thank you ! We'll keep improving !

Also, a quick note to tell you that our moderators may now choose to tag a quiz as "for adults only". This will allow creators to tackle more adult subjects, but keep it reasonable of course :)

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Reform of the "Creative authors" ranking

A quick word to let you know that the "Creative authors" ranking has been revisited. Until now, it depended on the number of quizes you made recently. Now, it depends on the total value of quizes you created recently. What is it that accounts for this value ? That's simple, it is the sum of all points you were awarded for the creation of these quizes.

Example: if John create three 5-question quizes, he wins 3x100 = 300 points. If Martin creates one 15-question quiz, he wins 600 points (see the point scale on creation page). Since 600 is superior to 300, Martin is considered more creative than John. Here you go, we hope you won't be surprised with the results of the ranking now :)

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Points system and other improvements

It's been a hard week's work and we are back with new features after what was decided last week.

- every new quiz will give a number of points which will vary according to the number questions
- quizes in the Personal Quiz category will no longer giver points to their author
- games played on personal quizes will not give any more points either
- restricted quizes (with a password for example) will be automatically transferred to the Personal Quiz category
- answers which will have been left blank will be automatically deleted at save time
- a warning will be issued to the author when he forgets to set positive points to a question (customized points mode)
- we have improved automated local saving during the creation process, to make almost sure you never lose the quiz you're making

You will find the new points scale on the right column of the creation page. Point are deliberately attributed to encourage longer creations. For example, one 15-question quizes give twice as many points as three 5-question quizes !

We hope this will help resolve some issues, until our next releases. Have fun !

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Maintain the level of quality on Quizity

As Quizity gains more and more audience, we have detected new issues that come as drawback to our success. More and more quizes are created everyday, unfortunately the quality is uneven. As you know, Quizity is very much about quality and this is a serious worry for us ! We are now calling out to you, to know how you feel about this and what you would like us to do. We have ideas on our own but we have to make sure they are in line with the community's expectations.

So please, use comments below to share your feeling and the measures you'd like to see us take. We'll be back after the week-end to sum it up and take relevant action. Thank you and see you on Monday !

[Note: this article receveived about 35 reactions on the French version of Quizity]

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New moderation interface

A few hours away from February, it's about time we wished you a happy new year ! Best of luck in life and in game, on Quizity !

We also wanted to share good news with you : we have just finished a new moderation interface that will allow our team to deal faster and more easily with undesirable creations on Quizity. The publication process will also gain in clarity and you will get notifications if we ever take decisions about your quizes. It will also allow us to bring a few devoted members to our team to help us ! The first member to help us will be Bismark91, who gets all our gratitude.

Thank you all, happy new year again and see you soon for new features.

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Personal quizes are put aside

After a rush of personal quizes which posed a threat to our regular members' mental condition, we decided to move them away from the home page. However, should members want to create more personal quizes, they would still find the feature and those would be available through your profile page.

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Features for professionals

Hello all,

as you may have noticed, it has been a long time since we gave news on this blog. After the August holidays, we started a new project that leaves us little time for the "general public" of Quizity. But don't worry, we always keep an eye on the site and we'll keep on working on it ! We're working hard but the rythm of publications ont his blog will still be slower in the coming months. However we'll make an effort to renew the home gallery with your great quizes !

In the new feature section, we added recently several new options for professionals who wish to embed quizes on their website. There are now white label quizes, page reloading and other more technical features as URL preservation. To use them, you'll need to contact us to set up a billing account, as we haven't been able to develop the online payment interface.

See you soon for more news :)

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Improvement on the quiz creation page

A short message to tell you that we brought some improvements to the quiz creation page ! In multiple choices questions, you now have a form input that will let you choose between strict and tolerant correction (for points). This feature used to be often ignored or misunderstood, and you could not switch that correction mode once the question was created. Fixed :) We also brought question numbering and fixed a display issue under Internet Explorer.
Have a nice day !

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Quizity migrated its server

We are happy to announce that Quizity now has its own dedicated server ! What this means is that Quizity moved out to a much more powerful computer to serve you better everyday. Not only is the site faster to load (you'll see that when you connect from a handheld device), but we only have much more freedom to customize it as we like. And last but not least, we can now welcome a greater number of players on the platform !

Such an operation is an important and necessary step in the life of a major website. After several weeks of preparation, we proceeded to the migration on Monday night through Tuesday. The sleepless night was worth it though, since we are now in the best conditions to prepare Quizity's future, starting with the installation of a new forum !

We apologize for the inconvenience yesterday, some of you failing to log in with Google Chrome. We are still fixing the last details connected to the migration. If you still see a bug somewhere, please let us know asap by leaving a comment below ! See you soon :)

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