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The cursor shows that you can move an object accross the page.

In the toolbar, when the mouse comes accross a button and that this cursor appears, click on it with the mouse left button and, while holding it, move the mouse towards the center of the page.
If you wonder how a button works, keep the cursor still on it and a tip will appear.
The button allows you to change the order of questions.

Click on it with the mouse left button and, while holding it, move the mouse up or down.
The buttons and are only there to help you have a global vision of your quiz.

This is particularly useful when you have plenty of questions. Try it !

Point scale

Every new quiz will give you points according to the number of questions. Here is the point scale :

5 to 9 questions : 100 points
10 to 14 questions : 300 points
15 to 19 questions : 600 points
20 to 24 questions : 900 points
25 to 29 questions : 1000 points
30 questions : 1200 points

So for example, a 15-question quiz gives twice as many points as three 5-question quizes !

Personal and/or restricted quiz do not give you any points.

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