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Average rating : Published by JeanMonnet on March 17th, 2014
This interactive multiple choice quiz was created by year 9 pupils of the European section at Jean Monnet secondary school (Ouistreham, France). You can tick as many boxes as you like. Have fun while you learn!

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Question 1

“I eat like a horse” is

Something that you say when you love horse meat
Something that you say when you eat oatmeal for breakfast
Something that you say when you eat a lot of food
Question 2

“Beat a dead horse” means

Waste time doing something that has already been done or attempted
Beat a horse to death
Hit a horse when it’s dead
Question 3

“Bet on the wrong horse” means

Put some money on a lame horse
Make wrong predictions about the future
Support a losing candidate, team or idea
Question 4

“Put the cart before the horse” means

Do things in the right order
The horse is tired and doesn't want to pull the cart
Do things in the wrong order
Question 5

“Horse around” means

Be active in a silly way
Turn around a horse
Ride a horse upside down
Question 6

“Work like a horse” means

Work a lot and efficiently
Someone who likes horses and works in the horse industry
Be a very hard worker
Question 7

“A clothes horse” is

Someone who is dressed up as a horse
A frame of plastic bars used for hanging wet clothes inside the house
Someone who is very fashionable and crazy about new clothes
Question 8

“A dark horse” is

A person (such as a politician) or an animal that competes in a race or other contest and is not expected to win
A black or dark brown horse
A person who has interesting qualities or abilities that most people do not know about
Question 9

”A Trojan horse” is

A malware designed to infect computers
A huge legendary wooden horse with Greek soldiers inside
Someone or something that attacks the group or organization they belong to
Question 10

“Don’t spare the horses!” is

Something that you say to someone in order to tell them to hurry
Something that you say to someone in order to slow them down
Something that riders say to their horse before a competition or a race
Question 11

“Hold your horses!” means

Hold your horse’s reins when it goes too fast
Hold your horse in your arms
“Hold on!” or “Wait!”
Question 12

“A charley horse” is

A horse whose name is Charley
A painful leg cramp
A horse that belongs to someone called Charley
Question 13

“Back the wrong horse” means

Support a person or a thing that fails
Bet on the wrong horse
Go horseback riding
Question 14

“A one-horse-town” is

A town where nobody lives except horses
A town where very little happens
A town where people have a very busy social life
Question 15

“Do horse trade” means

Bargain something in a hard and skillfull way
Buy and sell horses at a horse trade fair
Poorly negociate something
Question 16

“Be on one’s high horses” refers to someone who

Looks down on others and thinks their opinion is right and everyone else is wrong
Rides a tall horse
Is inflexible, arrogant and feels superior to other people
Question 17

“Hear something straight from the horse’s mouth” means

Listen to horses when they neigh
Gossip and spread rumors about someone
Hear something directly from the person who is involved in it
Question 18

“If wishes were horses beggars would ride” means

If you could achieve your aims simply by wishing for them, life would be very easy
If you wish for something or want something, you will get it
I wish I had my own horse
Question 19

“By shank’s mare (= a female horse)" means

On horseback
On foot
By horse cart
Question 20

“You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink” means

The horse is not thirsty and won’t drink
You can give water to someone when they are thirsty but can’t force them to drink it
You can give someone the opportunity but can’t force them to do it if they don’t want to

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  • Fan27fan43220March 19th, 2014Good exercise. I didn't remember or simply know all these typical expressions. Congratulations to the pupils and their teacher !!!
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