Lana Del Rey

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Question 1
When was Lana Del Rey born ?

She was born on 21 June 1986
She was born on 30 febuary 1986
She was born on 15 may 1870
Question 2
What kind of dependence issues did she have in 1999 ?

She had alcohol dependence issues
She had drugs dependence issues
She had water dependence issues
Question 3
What did she begin studying at Fordham College in 2003 ?

She began studying draw
She began studying mathematics
She began studying metaphysic
Question 4
When did she release her first album ?

It was released in 1962
It was released in 2006
It was released in 2009
Question 5
What did she send to various producers in 2008 ?

She sent 2 EP (extended play)
She sent her first album
She sent flowers
Question 6
When did the signle "Video Games" appear online ?

It appears in May on 2005
It appears in December on 1987
It appears in August on 2011
Question 7
Where did she begin playing songs in 2010 ?

She began playing songs in a theather
She began playing songs in various underground clubs in New York
She began playing songs in a café
Question 8
Lana del Rey won the Q award on October 24th 2011, what was it for ?

For the best performance
For Next Big Thing
For the best album
Question 9
What was the name of her last album released on 16 June 2014 ?

The name was " Paradise "
The name was " Brooklyn Baby "
The name was " Ultraviolence "


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