The Scottish vote

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Question 1
What is the referendum for ?

A) exclusion of Scotland from the European union
B) exclusion of Scotland from the United Kingdom
Question 2
Who has the right to vote ?

A) 16 years old people or more who live in Scotland
B) 16 years old people and more who live in England
C) 18 yeas old people and more who born in Scotland
Question 3
How many people born in Scotland were refused to vote

A) approximately 360 000
B) approximately 750 000
Question 4
How many campaigns are there ?

A) 2 campaigns
B) 4 campaigns
Question 5
When did UK and Scotland unify ?

A) In 1707
B) In 1807
Question 6
The Nationalist party win their first election in 2011

A) right
B) wrong
Question 7
When was created the Scottish parliament, key step to the Scottish independence ?

A) 1997
B) 2007
Question 8
According to Alex Salmond, the independence referendum is...

A) a once-in-a-generation vote
B) a vote that takes place every 5 years
Question 9
In 2014, Scottish people said in majority "no" to independence during the referendum

A) right
B) wrong
Question 10
Alex Salmond, Scottish announces in March 2016 that...

A) There will be an "independance day"
B) Scotland will leave United Kingdom

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