Left for Dead 1 and 2

Average rating : Published by Ninie on February 6th, 2011
Quiz on the 2 great zombi video games !


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Question 1

What are the names of the 4 survivors of the first game ?

Ellis, Zoey, Bill and Francis
Coach, Nick, Rochelle and Ellis
Zoey, Louis, Bill and Francis
Question 2
Their faces are copies of real actors'

Question 3

At the end of each campaign, the heroes are rescued by

A soldier
A superhero
A transport vehicle
Question 4
In the first installment, there are (not including the DLC) :

4 campaigns
5 campaigns
6 campaigns
Question 5
What is the only weapon you can use when lying on the ground ?

The gun
The shotgun
The uzi
Question 6

It is possible to kill the witch with...

A single M16A2 shot to the head
A single Benelli shot to the head
A Uzi strike to the head
Question 7

What is this special infected?

A boomer
A hunter
A smoker
Question 8
Who is it that makes the survivors cough when he dies ?

The jockey
The tank
The smoker
Question 9
Other infected were added in the second installment, such as:

The police officer
The clown
The mud man
The bodyguard
Question 10

What is this special infected?

A charger
A jockey
A spitter
Question 11

In the 2nd installment, the melee weapons include:

A cricket bat
A pastry roll
An ax
A katana
A frying pan
A saucepan
An electric guitar
A chainsaw
Question 12
To burn the infected, you can use:

A molotov cocktail
Boomer's bile
A can of gasoline
The bomb
A fireworks box
Explosive ammunition
Incendiary ammunition
Question 13
A survivor can be treated temporarily with:

A defibrillator
An adrenaline dose
Question 14

In this situation, can we be rescued by another survivor?

Question 15

Can the tank be burnt down?


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