Jason Sthatam Lycée Saint Joseph

Average rating : Published by Clement01 on January 23rd, 2017
Mme Journet, Clement Buellet, César Pelletier

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Question 1
What is his nationality ?

He is american
He is australian
He is british
Question 2
When was he born ?

He was born in 26 july 1967
He was born in 26 july 1969
He was born in 26 july 1971
Question 3
What is his wife's name ?

She is Sophie Monk
She is Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
She is Kelly Brook
Question 4
In which movie did not he play ?

He didn't play in Fast and furious 7
He didn't play in Batman
He didn't play in The Transporter
Question 5
How many childrens has he got ?

He has no childrens
He has one child
He has two childrens
Question 6
What was his first movie ?

He was Lock, stock and two smocking barrels
He was The Transporter
He was The Expendables
Question 7
What role does it play in Fast and furious 7 ?

He's military
He's the hero
He's bad guy
Question 8
How tall is he ?

He's 1m80 tall
He's 1m75 tall
He's 1m70 tall
Question 9
Has much does he weigh ?

He weighs 80kg
He weighs 75kg
He weighs 70kg
Question 10
What is surname ?

His surname is Jay
His surname is Thatam
His surname is The Killer

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