Sexual abuses

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Question 1

According to the law, what is sexual harassment?

It's when someone often impose to someone else some sexual acts and/or comments.
It's when someone impose sexual acts and/or comments only once to someone else.
It's when someone often impose to someone else some sexual acts.
Question 2

In your opinion, what is a rape?

It's a sexual abuse
It's a sexual agression with penetration
It's a sexual agression on an underage person
Question 3

In the world, what is the country with the highest rape rate?

South Africa
Question 4

What is the number of reported rape in the world per year?

Around 625 000 persons
Around 500 000 persons
Around 250 000 persons
Question 5

What is the percentage of people who denounced their rapist?

Question 6

In France, from when a rape can be punished according to the law?

Question 7

In France, what are punishments for a rape?

Between 20 and 25 years of imprisonment
Between 10 and 30 years of imprisonment
Between 15 years of imprisonment and life imprisonment
Between 5 and 40 years of imprisonment
Question 8

When, in their life, women and men are more raped?

Both when they are young
Both when they are aduklt
Women when they are young and men when they are adult
Women when they are adult and men when they are young
Question 9

To you, raped men lodge a complaint more or less than raped women?

Question 10

In France, what is the phone number to call when you were raped?

0 800 05 95 95
39 19
32 80
Question 11

In the world, what is the percentage of rape did on underage persons?

Question 12

Who is more liable to rape somebody?

An unknown person
A member of the family
A friend
Question 13

In most cases, where rapes take place?

In private places
In public places
Question 14

Why the majority of rape's victims don't denounce their rapist?

Because they are afraid
Because they are ashamed
Because they don't want to remind to themselves this or those moment(s)
Because of their lack of knowledge about judicial system
Question 15

Are some countries protecting rapists ?

No, every countries protect victims
Yes, but it's illegal, justice officials don't know it
Yes, it exists totally, there are laws to protect them
Question 16

Who starts using the hastag "me too"?

It was created by the actress Alyssa Milano on tweeter
It was established by the actress Cate Blanchett on instagram
It was instituted by Emma Watson on Facebook
Question 17

What is the purpose of the hashtag?

To invite victims to take their revenge on their rapists
To encourage all victims of sexuel abuses to testify using this hashtag on social networks
To make buzz
Question 18

Who is the american personality in the heart of the sexual scandal of october 2017 ?

Brad Pitt
Martin Scorsese
Ridley Scott
Harvey Weinstein
Question 19

Who is / are victim(s) of this american personality ( question 18) ?

Léa Seydoux
Vanessa Hudgens
Asia Argento
Angelina Jolie
Question 20

Since this scandal, some victims have accused american personalities of sexual assault.Who are this personalities ?

Brett Ratner
Kevin Spacey
James Toback


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