The family

Average rating : Published by littlegoffi on December 14th, 2018

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Question 1
My aunt is...

The mother of my mother
The sister of my brother
The sister of my mother
Question 2
The son of my aunt is...

My cousin
My uncle
My brother
Question 3
The mother of my father is...

My greatmother
My sister
My grandmother
Question 4
My uncle is...

The son of my cousin
The father of my cousin
The brother of my sister
Question 5
My grandfather is...

The brother of my mother
The father of my mother
The son of my brother
Question 6
My sister is...

The daughter of my mother
The cousin of my mother
The mother of my brother
Question 7
The daughter of my uncle is...

My sister
My cousin
My aunt
Question 8
My greatfather is...

The father of my father
The father of my grandfather
The brother of my uncle
Question 9
My mother is...

The sister of my uncle
The wife of my uncle
The daughter of my greatfather
Question 10
My father is...

The brother of my cousin
The husband of my mother
The cousin of my brother

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