Kristen Stewart ( Saint Jo)

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Question 1
Where does she live ?

She lives in Los Angeles
She lives in Woodland Hills
She lives in New York
Question 2
What is her job ?

She is a singer
She is an actress
She is a model
Question 3
What is her nationality ?

She's Mexican
She's French
She's American
Question 4
Where was she born ?

She was born in Los Angeles
She was born in Washingthon
She was born in Miami
Question 5
How old is she ?

She is 34 years old
She is 28 years old
She is 23 years old
Question 6
How many movies did she play in ?

She played in 6 movies
She played in 2 movies
She played in 10 movies
Question 7
What is her girlfriend's name ?

Her name is Nikki Reed
Her name is Dakota Fanning
Her name is Stella Maxwell
Question 8
How tall is she ?

She is 1,65 m tall
She is 1,73 m tall
She is 1,50 m tall
Question 9
How heavy is she ?

She weighs 65 kilos
She weighs 55 kilos
She weighs 60 kilos
Question 10
In which series/films did she play ?

She played in Twilight
She played in Vampire Diaries
She played in Pretty Little Liars

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