Samuel L. Jackson (ST Jo)

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Question 1
What nationality is he ?

He is French
He is Americain
He is English
Question 2
How old is he ?

He is 71 years old
He is 68 years old
He is 75 years old
Question 3
What does he look like ?

He is small and has brown hair
He is tall and has blond hair
He is tall and bald
Question 4
How tall is he ?

He is 1,72m tall
He is 1,91m tall
He is 1,89m tall
Question 5
How heavy is he ?

He weighs 83 kilos
He weighs 87 kilos
He weighs 79 kilos
Question 6
In which movies does he play ?

He plays in Deadpool
He plays in Pulp fiction
He plays in Aquaman
Question 7
Where was Samuel L. Jackson born ?

He was born in Washington
He was born in Miami
He was born in Los Angeles
Question 8
Who is Samuel L. Jackson married to ?

He is married to Raquel Welch
He is married to Jane Fonda
He is married to Latanya Richardson
Question 9
What is the name of Samuel L. Jackson daughter ?

Her name is Lexie Jackson
Her name is Zoe Jackson
Her name is Ashley Jackson
Question 10
What is his favorite movie ?

His favorite mov is Kingsman
His favorite mov is Star Wars
His favorite mov is Pulp fiction

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