Ribery Lycée Saint Jospeh

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Question 1
What is his name ?

His name is Franck Ribery
His name is Ludovic Ribery
His name is Sarah Ribery
Question 2
How tall is he ?

He's 1m73 tall
He's 1m93 tall
He's 1m70 tall
Question 3
How heavy is he ?

He weighs 90 kg
He weighs 70 kg
He weighs 62 kg
Question 4
How many children has he got ?

He has 2 children
He has 4 children
He has 5 children
Question 5
What nationnality is he ?

He is French
He is American
He is British
Question 6
How old is he ?

He's 40 years old
He's 35 years old
He's 37 years old
Question 7
What is his job ?

He is a singer
He's a football player
He's basketball player
Question 8
What club did he play for ?

He played for Bayern Munich
He played for Olympique Lyonnais
He played for Besiktas
Question 9
How long he play football ?

He played for 13 years
He played for 10 years
He played for 12 years
Question 10
What is the name his parents ?

Their names are Rudolph and Joseph Ribery
Their names are Francois and Marie Pierre Ribery
Their names are Ludovic and christine Ribery

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