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Question 1

What is his name ?

His name izs Kiliam
His name is Habib
His name is William
Question 2

When was he born ?

He was born on 10 may 1992
He was born on 10 may 1993
He was born on 1 january 2000
Question 3

What was was his first album ?

Baterrie fiable was his first album
The Slim shady was his first album
Baterrie faible was his first album
Question 4

Who did he sing "Peure d'etre pére " with?

He song it with Youri
He song it with Angel
He song it with Spongebob
Question 5

What is his surname ?

His surname is Habibou
His surname is Kalubi
His surname is Kannabis
Question 6

What is his nickname ?

Dams is his nickname
Diams is his nickname
Dems is his nickname
Question 7

What is his nationality ?

He is Africa bros
He is European
He is American
Question 8

What is his job ?

He is rapper
He is dancer
He is musician
Question 9

What is his label ?

His label is Universal
His label is European
His label is National
Question 10

What awards did he win ?

He won the award: Best rap of the years 2018
He won the award : Best rap of the years 2019
He won the award : Revelation album of the years 2018


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