How well do you know France?

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Let's test your knowledge about France

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Question 1

Who is the French President?

François Hordaland
François Hollande
François Netherlands
Question 2
How many people live in France (2012)?

65.7 million people
61.9 million people
70.3 million people
Question 3

France is divided into REGIONS (=fylke). Which list does not correspond to French regions?

Nord, Aquitaine, Bretagne
Basse-Normandie, Haute-Normandie, Île de France
Calvados, Orne, Manche
Question 4
We live in Normandy (or Normandie in French). What is the origine of this name?

It comes from the Romans : "normanodis"
It comes from the Vikings : "nordmann"
It comes from the Gaulois (cf to Asterix and Obelix) : "norrmanndius"
Question 5
Of which following country French is not the official language?

Question 6
When did the D-Day take place?

June, 6th 1944
July 14th 1944
May, 8th 1945
Question 7
What's the name of the national Anthem?

La Parisienne
La Française
La Marseillaise
Question 8
Which celibrity (wordly famous) lived in Bernay?

Victor Hugo
Gérard Depardieu
Edith Piaf
Question 9
What animal is the French emblem?

An Ox
A Chicken
A Rooster
Question 10
What is the French motto?

Unity and Justice and Freedom
God is my Right
Liberty, Equality, Fraternity
Question 11
What alcohol is produced in Normandy?

Cidre (=cider)
Question 12
What is the most popular cheese produced in Normandy?

Le camembert
Le comté
Le roquefort
Question 13
Who is French?

Céline Dion
Daft Punk
Question 14
What is the most popular and biggest French museum?

Le quai Branly
Le musée d'Orsay
Le Louvre
Question 15
Who was executed in Rouen (main city of Haute Normandy)?

Joan of Arc
William the Conqueror
Louis XVI

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