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Question 1
She played Selene in Underworld, she is:

Julie Andrews
Kate Beckinsale
Minnie Driver
Question 2
He played in the Pirates of the Caribbean saga, he is:

Orlando Bloom
Rowan Atkinson
Timothy Dalton
Question 3
She played in Titanic and The Holiday, she is:

Kate Beckinsale
Kim Cattrall
Kate Winslet
Question 4
He appeared in Highlander, he is:

Adrian Paul
Peter Ustinov
Sean Connery
Question 5
She played in Ocean's Twelve and The Legend of Zorro, she is:

Joan Collins
Julie Andrews
Catherine Zeta-Jones
Question 6
He played in Harry Potter and The A Christmas Carol, he is:

Peter Greenaway
Gary Oldman
David Suchet
Question 7
She played in Cleopatra and Butterfield, she is:

Kate Beckinsale
Kim Cattrall
Elizabeth Taylor
Question 8
He played in Hackers and Melinda and Melinda, he is:

Jonny Lee Miller
Anthony Hopkins
Ewan McGregor
Question 9
She played in The Ghost Writer, she is:

Minnie Driver
Kim Cattrall
Julie Andrews
Question 10
He played Hercule Poirot, he is:

David Suchet
Rowan Atkinson
Peter Greenaway

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  • arkadin2356Sept 21st, 2011à propos de la question 4 : Sean Connery apparaît bien dans "Highlander" (films 1 et 2) et il peut-être considéré comme un acteur britannique. Bien sûr, si l'on considère qu'il est un acteur écossais, la réponse n'est plus bonne mais alors Catherine Zeta-Jones ne peut alors être une bonne réponse à la question 5 puisqu'elle est d'origine galloise.
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