Which is their character ?

Average rating : Published by waoouh on December 23rd, 2010
You know what's the name of their characters?


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Question 1

Which character is played by Matthew Gray Gubler in Criminal Minds ?

Derek Morgan
David Rossi
Spencer Reid
Jason Gideon
Aaron Hotchner
Question 2

Which character is played by Antwon Tanner in One Tree Hill ?

Lucas Scott
Nathan Scott
Antwon "Skills" Taylor
Marvin "Mouth" McFadden
Question 3

Which character is played by Julian Morris in Pretty Little Liars ?

Kim Wren
Toby Cavanaugh
Ezra Fitz
Alex Santiago
Question 4

Which character is played by Sean Murray in N.C.I.S ?

Anthony Dinozzo
Leroy Jethro Gibbs
Jimmy Palmer
Timothy McGee
Donald Mallard
Question 5

Which character is played by Eddie Cibrian in CSI : Miami ?

Ryan Wolfe
Eric Delko
Jesse Cardoza
Timothy "Tim" Speedle
Question 6

Which character is played by Michelle Trachtenberg in Gossip Girl ?

Jenny Humphrey
Georgina Sparks
Serena Van Der Woodsen
Blair Waldorf
Question 7

Which character is played by Chyler Leigh in Grey's Anatomy ?

Alexandra "Lexie" Grey
Meredith Grey
Miranda Bailey
Cristina Yang
Isobel "Izzie" Stevens
Question 8

Which character is played by Heather Morris in Glee ?

Santana Lopez
Rachel Berry
Brittany S. Pierce
Diana Aggron
Amber Riley
Tina Cohen-Chang
Question 9

Which character is played by Jaime Lee Kirchner in Mercy Hospital ?

Chloe Payne
Veronica Callahan
Sonia Jimenez
Question 10

Which character is played by Olivia Wilde in Dr. House ?

Allison Cameron
Remy Hadley "Number Thirteen"
Lisa Cuddy

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