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Question 1
Who is the biggest football player ?

-Lionel Andres MESSI
-Christiano RONALDO
-Ibrahimovic ZLATAN
Question 2
Who is the winner of the golden ball in 2014 ?

-Christiano RONALDO
-Franck RIBERY
Question 3
What is the biggest stadium in the world ?

-Stade du premier mai (PYONGYANG)
-Stade de France (SAINT-DENIS)
Question 4
Who was the winner of the cup of the world in 2010 ?

Question 5
Who was the winner the more golden ball in the world ?

-Christiano RONALDO
-Lionel Andres MESSI
Question 6
Who was the winner of ligue 1 in France ?

Question 7
Who was the winner of the champion league in 2013 ?

-Manchester United
-Bayern Munich
-Real Madrid
Question 8
Who was the winner of the leagua BBVA ?

-Real Madrid

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