AIRBUS A320 FCOM DSC-21 Air Conditioning / Pressurization / Ventilation Part 2

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A320 FCOM quiz DSC-21

Question 1
What happen if the first lane of the Air Conditioning System Controller (ACSC) fails ?

The related pack is lost
No effect, the second ACSC taks over
No effect, as the second lane takes over
No effect, as the second or the third lane take over
Question 2
What happen if both lanes of the ACSC fail ?

The related pack is lost, and the hot air pressure regulating valve and associated trim air valves close
No effect, the third lane takes over
No effect, the second ACSC takes over
It's impossible that both lanes fail
Question 3
What happen if a trim air valve fail ?

The optimized temperature regulation of the corresponding zone is lost
The optimized temperature regulation of all zones are lost
No effect
Question 4

What is the temperature which correspond to the 12 o'clock position of the zone temperature rotary selector (1) ?

18°C (64°F)
20°C (68°F)
22°C (72°F
24°C (76°F)
Question 5

The FAULT light comes amber on the HOT AIR pushbutton when :

Duct overheat is detected (temperature reaches 88°C (190°F), The valve and trim air valves close automatically
The valve or trim air valves are faulty
Not enough pressure in the duct
Question 6

What is not true when the FAULT light comes amber on the PACK pb-sw ?

The pack flow control valve position disagrees with the selected position
In the case of compressor outlet overheat
Pack outlet overheat
The pack flow demand cannot be satisfied
Question 7

You switch ON the RAM AIR pushbutton (guarded) but the DITCHING pb is also ON, The RAM AIR inlet will?

Question 8

You switch ON the RAM AIR pushbutton (guarded) but the delta pressure is MORE than 1 PSI :

The outflow valve control remains normal. No emergency RAM air flows in
The RAM air inlet opens
Question 9

You switch ON the RAM AIR pushbutton (guarded) and if the delta pressure is below 1 PSI :

The outflow valve opens to about 50% under automatic control, the emer RAM air flow is directly supplied to the mixer unit
The outflow valve will close and the RAM air flow will supplied to the mixer unit
The outflow valve will open and the RAM air inlet will close
Question 10

When you push the CABIN FAN pb :

The two cabin fans are on
The two cabin fans are off
The three cabin fans are on
The three cabin fans are off
Question 11
The cabin pressurization system has four general functions, which one is not true?

Ground function : Fully opens the outflow valve on ground
Prepressurization : During takeoff, increases cabin pressure to avoid a surge in cabin pressure during rotation
Pressurization in flight : Adjusts cabin altitude, and rate of change to provide passengers with a comfortable flight
Depressurization : After touchdown, gradually releases residual cabin overpressure before the ground function fully opens the outflow valve
Submersible : When ditching, maintain cabin pressure to sink easy
Question 12
The outflow valve has an actuator that incorporates ?

1 motor
2 motors (one for automatic operation and one for manual operation)
3 motors (two for automatic operation and one for manual operation)
4 motors ( two for automatic operation and two for manual operation)
Question 13
For the pressurization system, how many safety valves did it get?

Question 14
For the pressurization system under automatic operation, Air pressure in the cabin follows external schedules that the system receives as signals from the Flight Management and Guidance System (FMGS), BUT when FMGS data is not available for auto press, ..

The crew only needs to select the landing field elevation
The crew should do nothing
Question 15
For the pressurization system, under manual mode, the flight crew controls the cabin altitude via ?

The manual motor of the outflow valve
The safety valve
Question 16
How many Cabin Pressure Controllers (CPC) equiped the PRESS system?

Only one
Two identical and independent
Question 17
The Cabin Pressure Controllers (CPC) receives infos from different sources, which one is not true ?

Air Data Inertial Referencve System (ADIRS)
Flight management and Guidance Computer (FMGC)
Engine Interface Unit (EIU)
Landing Gear Control Interface Unit (LGCIU)
Flight Control Unit (FCU)
Question 18
When the CPC is in automatic or semi-automatic mode, one controller is active, the other one is in ?

Active also
Question 19
Two independent pneumatic safety valves prevent cabin pressure from going too high or too low, those numbers are ?

> 8.6 PSI and < 1 PSI
> 2.5 PSI an < -1 PSI
< 8.6 PSI and > 1 PSI
> 5 PSI an < 1 PSI
Question 20
During the descent, the automatic pressure control mode gives a maximum cabin rate of ?

Question 21
After landing, the outflow valve fully opens after ?

10 seconds
30 seconds
55 seconds
75 seconds
Question 22
At touchdown, any remaining cabin pressure is release at a cabin vertical speed of ?

Question 23
For the takeoff, to avoid a pressure surge at rotation, the controller pre-pressurizes the aircraft at a rate of ?

-400ft/min, until delta P reaches 0.1 PSI
400ft/min, until delta P reaches 1 PSI
Question 24
If both automatic pressurization control systems fail, the flight crew may use ?

The cabin press control panel to take over manual control of cabin pressurization
Switch off both packs
Question 25
If the pressurization system is manually-controlled,do you know if the outflow valve will open automatically at touchdown?

Question 26
When you press the DITCHING pb on the CABIN PRESS control panel, it will not closed ?

The outflow valve
The emergency ram air inlet
The avionics ventilation inlet and extracts valves
The pack flow control valves
The pack inlet flap
Question 27
The safety valve opens when the cabin differential pressure is ?

Between 8.2 and 8.9 PSI
Below -1 PSI
Above 2.5 PSI
Question 28
The ventilation system includes ventilation for 3 things, which one is not correct?

The avionics, controlled by the avionics equipment ventialtion controller (AEVC)
The battery
The lavatories and galleys
Cargo compartments
Question 29
On ground the avionics ventilation inlet and extract valves are closed when ?

+ 10°C temperature increasing or + 5°C temperature decreasing
+ 12°C temperature increasing or + 9°C temperature decreasing
+ 15°C temperature increasing or + 11°C temperature decreasing
+ 20°C temperature increasing or + 15°C temperature decreasing
Question 30
When the smoke detector detects smoke in the avionics ventilationair, the BLOWER and THE EXTRACT FAULT lights come on. When both BLOWER and EXTRACT pb are set to OVRD,

The air conditioning system supplies cooling air, which is then exhausted overboard. The blower fan stops
The blower and extract fans stops
The air condioting inlet and extract valve open

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