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Question 1
What is Sofiane s'surname?

His surname is Zermani
His surname is Zenoud
His surname is Djea
Question 2
What nationality is Sofiane

His is Algerian
His is Turkish
His je Moroccan
Question 3
How old is he?

He is 32 years old
He is 39 years old
He is 45 years old
Question 4
What is Sofiane's job?

He's a rap pinge
He's a builde
He's footballer
Question 5
In which record company is he ?

He is in the record company Affranchis Music
He is in the record company Universal Music
He is in the record company Beside Label
Question 6
What is Sofiane's nickname?

His nickname is Fianso
His nickname is kaaris
His nickname is Soso
Question 7
What is his hair like ?

His hair is short
His hair is long
His hair is bland
Question 8
What is his address ?

Hi lives in Sant-Denis
Hi lives in Lyon
Hi lives in New-York
Question 9
How did he become fanous ?

He became famous of his clips JeSuisPasséchezSo
He became famous because he fought
He became famous because he is handsome
Question 10
What event doe he organiz ?

He organizes Rentre dans le cercle
He organizes 1minte2rap
He organizes Trackmania cup


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