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Question 1
SMPTE is standardising technology for the moving image industry. One of the latest addition is...

RDD-70 Olfactory data transport in MXF: you can wrap a smell and play it in the cinema theatre
TC-10E DG Coding of tactile Essence: when your butt vibrates, you want to ensure it is done the proper way
35PM69 ATAWADAC (Any Time, AnyWhere, Any Device, Any Content) Adult Content Player: a universal open source player for porn content
Question 2
The FAME is an independent body in Europe covering topics like Ultra High Definition (UHD) and Virtual Reality (VR). Prior to that, FAME was a song: "Fame, I'm gonna live forever, I'm gonna learn how to fly...". Who sang that song?

Irène Cara
Whitney Houston
Question 3
MXF was designed to eradicate videotapes.Today many MXF files end-up on a datatape because...

You found a Digital Betacam tape deck that can read LTO
A datatape is safe for tens of years. You stick it on the shelf for the next generation
Many archive systems also use datatapes. And it is so cool to show you have a BIG tape robot (although they are getting smaller and smaller)
Question 4
The EBU (European Broadcasters' Union) runs a service that broadcast content to its members called...

The Eurovision
The Eurosceptic
The EuroStars
Question 5
You've just bought 1000s of episodes to play on your OTT service "Coronation Blvd". You now have IMX files but your QC department tells you the Timecode is wrong. What to do?

You rush to the engineering dept, start screaming and purchase more transcoding servers to process the files
You know it is time to enforce a master delivery format like ARD ZDF, AS-10 or DPP
You call your preferred service provider in the hope they can turn it around overnight using their Cloud service. Thankfully there is an under-used nuclear power plan to produce enough power for the datacenter
Question 6
The Advanced Media Workflow Association (AMWA) is behind file exchange formats like AS-02 (using in IMF), AS-10 (used by ARD ZDF and in France) and AS-11 (used by DPP). When you pronounce it like a word ("Am-wah"), it sounds in French like...

"A moi!" when someone needs urgent help (burglery, downing, etc.)
"Plus jamais ça" when someone never wants to see this again
"Oui, encore" when you want some more
Question 7
In his SMPTE UK talk, Bruce Devlin's bio refered to: "He’s very grateful for all the awards that he’s won and very sorry for any pain that XXX has caused you."

XXX is Australian Rugby World Cup victory
XXX for the latest cycle ride for Charity he organised
Question 8
Who said: “Try not. Do, or do not. There is no try.”

Mark Zuckerberg
Donald Trump
Yoda, The Empire Strikes Back
Question 9
When you are watching an 8K screen, NHK's recommends a viewing distance of...

Half the screen height
Twice the screen height
10 feet
Question 10
Mesclado means...

Is the Spanish town on the border with France, 200km away from our office
"Mixed" in Latin, Spanish, Occitan...
"Independent advice" in Spanish

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