Jane the virgin

Average rating : Published by Marchal on May 21st, 2016
Adaptation américaine d'une telenovela vénézuélienne

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Question 1
Who does Jane live with ?

Her boyfriend Michael and their dog
Her mother and her grandmother
Her bestfriend
Question 2
What did she promise her grandmother to do when she was a child ?

She promised to become a good cooker for her future husband
She promised to get married before making love
She promised to finish her studies before getting married
Question 3
Who bred Jane ?

Her father and her grandfather
Her mother and her grandmother
Her grandfather and her grandmother
Question 4
What is her dream job ?

Being a teacher
Being a writer
Being an actress
Question 5
What has she always watched on TV with her family ?

The news
A telenovela
A culinary TV programme
Question 6
Where does she work to pay her studies ?

In a bakery
In a hotel
In a restaurant

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