Lionel Messi Saint Joseph de Bourg-en-Bresse

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Question 1
How old is he ?

He is 28 years old.
He is 29 years old.
He is 30 years old.
Question 2
Where was he born ?

He was born in Uruguay.
He was born in Argentina.
He was born in Bolivia.
Question 3
How much does it earn per year ?

He earn 40 million per year.
He earn 32 million per year.
He earn 25 million per year.
Question 4
How many ballons d'or did he win ?

He won 4 ballons d'or.
He won 5 ballons d'or.
He won 3 ballons d'or.
Question 5
How many children has he got ?

He has 4 children.
He has 2 children.
He has 3 children.
Question 6
In what year did be came to FC Barcelona ?

He came in 2006.
He came in 2004.
He came in 2010.
Question 7
What posotion does he play ?

He play as a attacker.
He play as a defender.
He play as a midfield
Question 8
Which clubs does be play for ?

He plays at Paris Saint Germain.
He plays at Dortmund.
He plays at FC Barcelona.
Question 9
What are his children's names ?

His children's names are Tiago and Enzo.
His children's names are Tiago and Matéo.
His children's names are Théo and Matéo.
Question 10
How old is Tiago Messi ?

Tiago Messi is 6 years old.
Tiago Messi is 5 years old.
Tiago Messi is 4 years old.

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