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Question 1
Who is the actor who plays Jack Sparrow in Pirates of Carribean ?

Orlando Bloom
Johnny Depp
Hugh Jackman
Question 2
When was the Labirinthe I relased ?

Question 3
Who is the director of E.T ?

Steven Spilberg
Georges Lucas
Christopher Nolan
Question 4
What song did Vin Diele sing in tribute to Paul Walker ?

Good Life
See you again
We own it
Question 5
Name 3 actors of Avengers

Robert Downey JR , TOM Hiddleston, and Tom Hardy
Chadwick Baseman , Mark Ruffalo and Dylan O'Brian
Chris Hemsworth ,Scarlette Johnson and Chris Evans
Question 6
Who has never played in Dear Jhon

Channing Tatum
Dwayne Johnson
Amanda Seyfried
Question 7
Which actress has already won an oscar?

Marion Cottillard
Lea Seydoux
Michelle pfeiffer
Question 8
Where was Fast & Furious 7 relased ?

New York, Saint Petersburg and Berlin
Middle Est Country ,Tokyo and Los Angeles
London ,Seatle and Dublin
Question 9
With which actress has Johnny Depp nver played?

Keira Knightley
Penelope Cruz
Kate Hudson
Question 10
Which films was inspired by the saga of The Conjuring ?

Paranormal Activity
The None
Question 11
Who plays with Sean Faris in Never Back Down ?

Bruce Willis
Jason statam
Cam Joslin Gigandet
Question 12
Who plays in the saga of the expandables ?

Dylan O'Brian
Sylvester Stallone
Dwayne Johnson
Question 13
Who is the forbiden couple in Underworld ?

Selenza and Lucian
Allison and Scott
Bella and Edward
Question 14
Who plays the bad boy in Bay Watch ?

Zac Efron
Dwayne Johnson
Tyler Posey
Question 15
Who is the father of Mia in Teen Wolf ?

Derek Hale
Chris Argent
Peter Hale

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