Paul Pogba Lycée Saint Joseph

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Question 1
What is Paul Pogba's nationality ?

He is french
He is english
He is italian
Question 2
What is his favorite football team ?

Manchester City is his favorite team
Manchester United is his favourite team
Juventus is his favorite team
Question 3
How many goals did Paul Pogba score in Juventus ?

He scored 28 goals
He scored 30 goals
He scored 34 goals
Question 4
How old is Paul Pogba ?

He is 22 years old
He is 24 years old
He is 23 years old
Question 5
How many "ballon d'or'' did Pogba ?

He won 2 ballon d'or
He won 0 ballon d'or
He won 1 ballon d'or
Question 6
How much did Manchester united buy Paul Pogba?

Manchester bought hin €120 million
Manchester bought hin €80 million
Manchester bought hin €47 million
Question 7
Who is his best-friend ?

His best-friend is Patrice Evra
His best-friend is Antoine Griezmann
His best friend is Dimitri Payet
Question 8
How many kids has Paul Pogba got ?

He has 0 kid
He has 1 kid
He has 2 kid
Question 9
How much does he earn year ?

He earns € 9 million
He earns € 15.08 million
He earns € 12.50 million
Question 10
Where does Paul Pogba live ?

He lives in Manchester
He lives in Paris
He live in Milan

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