Kyrie Irving

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Question 1
Wich club does he play whith?

With the Boston Celtics
With the Chicago Bulls
With the Cleveland Cavaliers
Question 2
Where was he born ?

He was born in Woodward, Kansas
He was born in Kinshasa, Dominican Republic of the Congo
He was born in Melbourne, Australia
Question 3
What was the name of his university ?

The name of his university was Stanford
The name of his university was Duke
The name of his university was Yale
Question 4
What are his biggest recorded points ?

He scored 49 points
He scored 57 points
He scored 63 points
Question 5
When did he win the NBA Rookie of the year ?

He won it in 2009
He won it in 2015
He won it in 2012
Question 6
What's his position in the team ?

He is the game leader
He is the center
He is the substitue
Question 7
How many seasons did he plays ?

He played 2 seasons
He played 7 seasons
He played 11 seasons
Question 8
What's his player number ?

He is number 1
He is number 87
He is number 11
Question 9
Who's his coach ?

His coach is Brad Stevens
His coach is Greg Popovitch
His coach is Terry Stotts
Question 10
When did he go to the Nike Hoop Summit ?

In 2013
In 2009
In 2010

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