Notting Hill Carnival - London

Average rating : Published by mrschaoui on February 25th, 2018

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Question 1
Where does Notting Hill Carnival take place?

It takes place in New York
In Sydney
In London
In Paris
Question 2
When does Notting Hill carnival take place?

It Takes place in July
In August
In September
In February
Question 3
When was the carnival created?

In 1964
In 1946
In 1968
In 2004
Question 4
What kind of music can your hear during this carnival?

I can hear Reggae, dub, salsa, classical music
Reggae, dub, salso, caribbean music
Reggae, dab, salsa, caribbean music
Reggae, dub, salsa, caribbean music
Question 5

What is ti?

It's a vuvuzela
A venezuela
A trumpet
A whistle
Question 6

In which part of London does the carnival take place?

In the West part
In the North
In the South
In the East
Question 7
"August Bank holiday week-end": what does "Bank holiday" mean ?

Bank holiday: les vacances de la banque
Bank holiday: vacances
Bank holiday: banque-vacances
Bank holiday: jour férié
Question 8
Who organize the carnival?

The Caribbean community.
The Brazilian community
The African community
Question 9
How many people are expected?

2 thousands
1 million
2 hundreds
2 million
Question 10

What's this?

This is a steel band
A sound system
A soca float
Question 11
What is the best way to get there ?

By foot
By plane
By train
By tube and bus
Question 12
What's the best tip to take the children there ?

To Write your mobile number on your child’s forehead
To Write your social number on your child’s arm
To Write your mobile number on your child’s arm
Don't write your mobile number on your child’s arm
Question 13

What is it?

This is a carnival float
A carnival chars
A carnival truck
A carnival truck
Question 14

Is it a ...

A sandwich truck?
A food truck?
A pizzeria
Question 15
At what time is the sharp noise curfew?

At 6.30 pm
At 7 pm
At 7 am
At 8.30 pm

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