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New to the library and want to know more about it? Or you've already been here and want to make sure you didn't miss anything? This is the test for you: designed to show you some of our resources and services!


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Question 1

What's the name of the main character in Jules Verne's book "Around the World in Eighty Days"?

Phileas Fogg
Jean Passepartout
Phileas Passepartout
Question 2

You will always find at least one librarian at the helpdesk: but what if you are not in the library? How can you contact us?

Phone, Email
Phone, Email, Twitter
A team of librarians at your service!

To collect and organize information!
To help you with your information research!
For book loans and returns!
Question 3

On the library's website you'll find guides and tutorials on information literacy and research methodology. Much of this material is also available... Where?

Question 4
Oops. You are breaking a library rule !!! What are you doing? Choose one or several answers.

Talking on your mobilephone in the library
Drinking a coffee in the library
Eating a sandwich in the library
Question 5

You'll notice that every book in the library has a white label on its spine, telling you the Right Place of a book. Are these books in the Right Place?


Click here if you wish to read this hintFor more info:
Question 6
Someone else has borrowed the book you're searching! Now what?!

Bad luck! Nothing to do about it!
Check if the book is available as an e-book
If the book is borrowed, you can also make a reservation. This way, when the book is returned, we'll put it aside and send you an email. Come to the library with your student card and pick up your book at the helpdesk!
Question 7

On the second floor you'll find journals and reviews. But today, lots of articles are also available through your computer on databases such as FACTIVA, EBSCO (...) Through the library, how many databases do you have access to?

Around 5
Around 10
Around 20
What kind of info can you find in our databases?

Reviews and journals: abstracts and articles in full text.
Sectoral studies: industry, company and country profiles.
Economic and Financial information: financial markets information, trading information about quoted companies...
Question 8
Yes! There's a scanner/printer/copy machine in the library. How do you use it?

You have to buy a special copy card
You use your student card
Question 9

There's also study rooms in the library! How does it work?

Planning: You have to book the study room in advance
Drop-in: if it's free, it's yours..
Fun facts about the library!

1140 m2!
220 seats!
10 study rooms (four with projection equipment)!
Wifi area!
16 free access computers!
Photocopier, scan, printer!
Question 10
What can you find at the library's page on Diigo?

Online resources, classed and selected by your librarians: websites, articles, blogs, hubs, videos.. and more!
Nothing at all
Question 11
If you want help we have guides and tutorials, but did you know that you can also make an appointment with a librarian? What can we help you with? Chose one or more answers.

Organise your literature research
Optimize your research in the databases
Evaluate the reliability of the information found on the web sites
Cite correctly the sources for your assignment or dissertation
Do the whole research for you
Advise you on how to do a good quality bibliography
That was it!

Thanks for taking this quiz and good luck with the results! We hope to see you soon in the library!

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