Hugh Jackman Lpp st joseph

Average rating : Published by Qwertzy on February 20th, 2020
Super héros, film, acteur, chanteur

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Question 1
What hero does he play ?

He plays Wolfverine
He plays Captain America
He plays Magneto
Question 2
How old is he ?

He is 38
He is 45
He is 51
Question 3
What nationality is he ?

He's American
He's British
He's Australian
Question 4
What is his job ?

He's an actor and a dancer
He's an actor and a singer
He's an actor and a stuntman
Question 5
Who is his wife ?

It's Catherine Journet
It's Debora-lee Furness
It's Mia Callista
Question 6
When did he get married ?

He got married in 1996
He got married in 1997
He got married in 1998
Question 7
Where was he born ?

He was born in New York City
He was born in Sydney
He was born in London
Question 8
How many movies did he make ?

He made 40 movies
He made 50 movies
He made 60 movies
Question 9
How many children does he have ?

He has 2 children
He has 3 children
He has 4 children
Question 10
When was he born ?

He was born in 1970
He was born in 1971
He was born in 1968

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