Quiz about Bryan Cranston Saint Joseph

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Question 1
How old is he ?

He is 59 Years old
He is 62 Years old
He is 73 Years old
Question 2
What nationnality is he ?

He is American
He is Spanish
He is French
Question 3
How many films and TV programmes did he do ?

He did 51 films and TV programmes
He did 39 films and TV programmes
He did 64 films and TV programmes
Question 4
How many Awareds did he win ?

He won 12 awards
He won 18 awards
He won 24 awards
Question 5
Where was he born ?

He was born in California
He was born in Mexico
He was born in London
Question 6
In what film did he play ?

He played in American pies
He played in Avatar
He played in Godzilla
Question 7
What did he study when he was in college ?

He learnt criminology
He learnt medecine
He learnt science and technology
Question 8
At what age did he first appear on television ?

He appeared on TV at 18
He appeared on TV at 28
He appeared on TV at 29
Question 9
What's the name of his son ?

His name is Jason
His name is Taylor
His name is Mickey
Question 10
What's the name of his first film ?

He played in Rambo
He played in Last chance
He played in Rocky

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