The quiz on the American presidential elections

Average rating : Published by lisakarl1 on December 8th, 2020
We offer you a quiz on thz American presidential elections. The purpose of this quiz is to check the right answers to get the best score out of twelve questions

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Question 1
Who was the ticket that was chosen in the american election in 2020 ?

Donald Trump and Mike Pence
Joe Biden and Mike Pence
Joe Biden and Kamala Harris
Joe Biden and Kamila Harris
Question 2

Which day did the amarican election take place ?

3rd November 2020
2nd November 2020
3rd Noviember 2020
3rd October 2020
Question 3
What is the definition of election to choose the candidates ?

To vote
The ticket
The platforms
The primaries
Question 4

How long are the American presidents elected for ?

5 years
4 years
3 years
2 years
Question 5

What differentiates Kamala Harris from other vice presidents ?

She is a wowan black and india
She is lesbian
She is Asian
She is a wowan white abd indian
Question 6
What's Joe Biden's party ?

Question 7
If a president is elected twice how long does his term of office last in all ?

4 years
8 years
1 years
9 years
Question 8
What are the two way modes of the poll to vote ?

Online and at the ballot
Email and at the ballot
The ballot and emailo
By call and email
Question 9
How old must people to vote in American ?

19 years old
16 years old
21 years old
18 years old
Question 10

How many mandates does Donald Trump do ?

Question 11
By whom is the president of the united States elected ?

The delegates
The great elected and voters
The gouvernement
The deputies
Question 12

Where does thz American President live ?

The white palate
The white castle
The white house
The white turn

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