Dronten CAH - Chapter 9

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Dronten CAH exams

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Question 1
2) Which of the following is an advantage to the use of survey methods?

A) standardization
B) high response rates
C) nonsuitability to tabulation and statistical analysis
D) unique answers for each respondent
E) very low cost
Question 2
7) Having an independent party call back a sample of each interviewer's respondents to verify that they took part in the survey is a way to avoid which of the following?

A) interviewer cheating
B) human error
C) adaptability
D) interviewer rapport
E) card sorting
Question 3
8) Which of the following is a NOT a disadvantage of person-administered surveys?

A) They are slower than other methods.
B) They are more expensive.
C) They are prone to errors.
D) They are rigid, not adaptable.
E) Respondents may fear interview evaluation.
Question 4
9) Which of the following is NOT an advantage of computer-administered surveys?

A) ability to develop rapport with the respondent
B) speed
C) error-free interviewing
D) use of pictures, videos, and graphics
E) possible cost savings
Question 5
10) Interview evaluation refers to:

A) an evaluation of the quality of the interviews by an editor
B) an evaluation of the interviews by the client/manager
C) an overall procedure for evaluation of the quality of the entire interviewing process
D) respondent anxieties caused by the presence of an interviewer
E) interviewer anxieties caused by the interview procedure
Question 6
20) What type of interview technique could be used if it was not necessary for the researcher to watch the respondent to ensure correct procedures are followed?

A) telephone interview
B) in-office interview
C) in-home interview
D) mall-intercept interview
E) confidential interviews
Question 7
21) Which type of interview technique offers the advantages of cost, quality, and speed?

A) in-office interview
B) telephone interview
C) mall-intercept interview
D) in-home interview
E) "man-on-the-street" interview
Question 8
29) The most popular type of self-administered survey is the:

A) group self-administered surveys
B) drop-off surveys
C) e-mail surveys
D) mail surveys
E) anonymous surveys
Question 9
32) Which of the following is NOT an advantage of the mail surveys?

A) nonresponse
B) cost
C) no need for interviewer training
D) available mailing lists
E) no need for interviewer compensation
Question 10
33) Typically, mail surveys attain response rates of:

A) about 50 percent
B) more than 80 percent
C) between 30 and 40 percent
D) less than 20 percent
E) around 75 percent
Question 11
36) When time is an important consideration, which data collection method is best?

A) mail surveys
B) drop-off surveys
C) in-home interviews
D) telephone surveys
E) in-office interviews
Question 12
78) Karen has just started her first research project for her new firm, Standard Research. After meeting with the project team, Karen knows that the client, Cookies! Cookies! Cookies! (C!C!C!), is interested in statistical analyses to help decide on a new

A) telephone interview
B) mall intercept
C) in-office interview
D) in-home interview
E) mail survey
Question 13
79) Karen, of Standard Research, contemplates which survey method she will use for a client. She must balance:

A) the cost of the project with the level of statistical analysis that will be used
B) the time limitation of the client with the requirement that the surveys be representative
C) the lower quality of information generated by using a totally computer-administered survey with the desire to make additional profits using the latest technology
D) the quality of information desired with time deadlines and budget constraints
E) the wishes of the employees at Standard Research

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