Dronten CAH - Chapter 10 - 11

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Question 1
1) What are the basic question-response formats?

A) unprobed, probed, and neutral
B) open-ended, closed-ended, and skip patterned
C) open-ended, closed-ended, and scaled-response
D) closed-ended, continuous, open-ended
E) open-ended, probed, general
Question 2
2) The question, "What was your reaction to the Sony Blu-Ray disc player advertisement you saw on television?" is an example of which response format?

A) unprobed, open-ended
B) unprobed, closed-ended
C) scaled-response
D) ad reaction measurement
E) probed response
Question 3
3) If a researcher wanted the respondent to answer an open-ended question with no additional information, he/she would likely use a(n):

A) open-ended, unprobed format
B) open-ended, probed format
C) closed-ended, probed format
D) continuous response format
E) general format
Question 4
4) Which of the following encourages the respondent to provide information beyond the initial and possibly superficial first comments?

A) open-ended, unprobed format
B) closed-ended, exploratory format
C) deductive probed
D) optional format
E) open-ended, probed format
Question 5
10) For subjective properties such as "liking for chocolate," which response format would be best?

A) closed-ended
B) dual-response
C) scaled-response
D) the "liking index" response format
E) objective response
Question 6
16) Which of the following refers to the relative sizes of the descriptors?

A) description
B) order
C) distance
D) origin
E) relativity
Question 7
17) When we have less-than, greater-than, and/or equal to, we have:

A) description
B) order
C) distance
D) origin
E) timelines
Question 8
18) Which of the following refers to a scale having a true zero beginning point?

A) description
B) order
C) distance
D) origin
E) start point
Question 9
19) Which single characteristic is unique to nominal level of measurement?

A) description
B) order
C) distance
D) origin
E) numbers
Question 10
52) Categorical scales represent scales that are either nominal or ordinal.

Question 11
2) Which one of the following is NOT a function of a questionnaire?

A) standardizes questions and response categories
B) translates the research objectives into specific questions
C) serves as a permanent record of the research
D) fosters cooperation with respondents
E) creates alpha levels to be used in conducting tests of statistical significance
Question 12
6) What happens immediately prior to client approval during the questionnaire development process?

A) Data is gathered.
B) Questions are formulated for the next section of the questionnaire.
C) The questionnaire is revised.
D) The questionnaire is finalized.
E) A pretest is conducted.
Question 13
13) Which of the following is the wrong way to ask if someone has viewed an episode of Lost?

A) Have you ever seen Lost?
B) Do you always watch Lost?
C) Have you never watched Lost?
D) Have you ever watched and recorded an episode of Lost?
E) All of the above should be avoided.
Question 14
14) Which of the following answers represents the four guidelines of question wording?

A) focused, simple, complete, crystal clear
B) general, simple, brief, crystal clear
C) focused, simple, brief, crystal clear
D) focused, elaborate, brief, crystal clear
E) general, simple, complete, crystal clear
Question 15
19) The question "Don't you see any problem with using your credit card online?" is a:

A) clear and focused question
B) loaded question
C) leading question
D) "double-barreled" question
E) compound question
Question 16
22) Which of the following is an overstated question?

A) How much would you pay for sunglasses that will protect your eyes?
B) How much would you pay for shoes with a cushioning gel in them?
C) How much would you pay for a child's swimsuit that had a built-in flotation device?
D) How much do you think you would pay for a car with features that would save your life and possibly the lives of your family members, if you were in a car accident?
E) How much would you pay for a PDA that also provided Internet access?
Question 17
23) An overstated question is one that:

A) asks the same thing over and over
B) is two different questions posed as one
C) places undue emphasis on some aspect of the topic
D) cues the respondent how to answer
E) uses words that most respondents would not understand
Question 18
41) Coding questions refers to:

A) placing numbers on the questionnaire to facilitate data entry after the survey has been conducted
B) predetermining the responses; this makes report writing easier because the report may be started early, although it is recognized that it will have to be modified once the true results are reported
C) coding is no longer used; it has been replaced totally by automated, computerized interviewing software
D) analysis methods for scaled-response questions only
E) conducting a dry run of the survey to see which questions "work"
Question 19
53) Question development refers to the practice of selecting appropriate response formats and wording questions that are understandable, unambiguous, and unbiased.

Question 20
54) Even a single word can alter the responses to a question on a survey.



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