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Question 1

Who is the king or queen of the United Kingdom ?

Élisabeth II
Richard Ier
Arthur Pendragon
Question 2

How is called the river that runs through london ?

The Loire
The Thames
The Mississippi
Question 3

What the name the great london bridge ?

Tower Bridge
Viaduc de Millau
Golden Gate Bridge
Question 4

What monument is located in london ?

Statue of liberty
Burj Khalifa
L'ogive de Foster
Question 5

What a great saga of feature film was made in united kingdom ?

Star Wars
Harry Potter
Lord of the rings and the hobbit
Question 6

What is the football team london ?

Arsenal Football Club
Newcastle United Football Club
Manchester City Football Club
Question 7

In which country in the united kingdom is the Loch Ness ?

Question 8

What is the name of the loch ness monster ?

Question 9

What the name at the ferris wheel london ?

London eye
London noz
London hand
Question 10

What is the name of the bridge in the city of dublin ?

Viaduc de millau
Golden Gate Bridge
The Samuel Beckett Bridge

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