Getting around London!

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Question 1

Big Ben is

The tower where the Queen lives
Attached to the British Parliament
Not telling the time anymore
Question 2

10 Downing Street

Is where the Prime Minister lives
Is the entrance to a famous museum
Is where Kate and William live
Question 3

You can visit Buckingham Palace

All year round
From August to September
Question 4

The London Eye was built for

The Olympic games of 2012
The new Millenium
The 90 th Queen's birthday
Question 5

Tower Bridge

Is partly a museum
Is the entrance to London's port
Is a jail
Question 6

Saint Paul's Cathedral

Is where Napoleon was baptised
Is where the actual Queen is buried
Is where the service for the former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was held
Question 7
Trafalgar Square

Commemorates the peace Treaty with Napoleon
Is where the Royal Navy has its barracks
Commemorates a British naval victory
Question 8

Picadilly Circus

Links shops streets and theatre streets in London
Is where most underground lines can be found
Is where the famous shop "Harrods" can be found
Question 9

The Tate Museum

Is a museum dedicated to sculpture
Is an old factory converted into a museum
Is the biggest museum in London
Question 10

The Globe Theatre

Has never caught fire
Is associated with Shakespeare's name
Is closed, no more plays can be presented

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