American first ladies

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Question 1
The first First Lady of the U.S was

Martha Jefferson
Abigail Adams
Martha Washington
Question 2
She was the first First lady to live in the White House

Martha Jefferson
Martha Washington
Abigail Adams
Question 3
In 1889 she raised the first Christmas tree in the White House

Nancy Reagan
Edith Wilson
Caroline Harrison
Question 4
She was a professional dancer and model in her youth

Nancy Reagan
Laura Bush
Betty Ford
Question 5
She became a U.S. senator

Betty Ford
Louisa Adams
Hillary Clinton
Question 6
She was the second First Lady to be wife to one President and mother to another

Martha Washington
Abigail Adams
Barbara Bush
Question 7
She appeared in 11 moviesbefore giving up her career and getting married

Jacquelin Kennedy
Nancy Reagan
Patricia Nixon
Question 8
Jackie Kennedy's fist husband

Died of a heart attack
Was assassinated
Committed suicide
Question 9
She was the first to hold weekly press conferences

HIllary Clinton
Thelma Catherine Nixon
Anna Eleonor Roosevelt
Question 10
Pat Nixon was

The 37th First Lady
The 2nd First Lady
The 43rd First Lady

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