Donald Trump quiz

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Do you really know Donald Trump ? Who is Donald Trump ? If you want to know his secrets or what he did, this quiz is made for you !!

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Question 1
Who is D.Trump ?

A rich businessman and the next president of the US
A variety singer and an engaged hippie
The king of the UK in the 15th century
A candidate for the Pope's function
Question 2

How old is D.Trump ?

24 years old
62 years old
70 years old
76 years old
Question 3

What are his origins ?

He is an ancestral American
His grand-father was German and his mother was Scottish
His father is American and his mother is Swedish
His ancestors are Sioux
Question 4

How many wives did he have ?

Question 5

Where is the Trump Tower located ?

New York
Los Angeles
San Francisco
Question 6

Why doesn't Donald Trump drink alcohol ?

His brother died because he was an alcoholic
His parents forbade him to drink
He thinks that his job is too serious to drink alcohol
He has a bad memory of a bender when he was young
Question 7

How much is his wealth estimated ?

> $9 000 000
> $760 000 000
> $3 700 000 000
> $10 000 000 000
Question 8

If he had invested his father's heritage in 2000, he would be :

Less rich
As rich as he is now
Question 9

What is the religion of his daughter Ivanka ?

Question 10

Donald Trump is also an actor. What is the award he got ?

The Independent Spirit Award of the funniest actor in 1998
The Oscar for a second role in 1996
The Golden Raspberry Award ("Razzie Award") for worst supporting actor in 1991
Question 11

What kind of TV program did he host ?

Sports match
Game show
Health program
Question 12

How much debts does D.Trump have ?

$250 million
$650 million
$1 billion
Question 13

What makes him popular on Instagram ?

A hashtag used for post pictures of cat with his haircut
Racial talks about Nigerian population
His video jelly belly challenge has 2 billion "likes"
Question 14

What are the characteristics of his ideas ?

He is for the legalization of cannabis and many other drugs in his country
He is against immigration, the idea of global warming and free-trade
He is neo-nazi, anti-Semitic and for the supremacy of a race
He is communist and wants the perfect equality of wealth
Question 15

What does Donald Trump really say ?

"The rich people don’t like me. I think they are jealous."
“This is an impressive crowd: the Have's and Have-more's. Some people call you the elites. I call you my base.”
"The America I know is full of courage, and optimism, and ingenuity. The America I know is decent and generous."
Question 16

How much of his own money did he use for his presidential campaign ?

$5 million
$25 million
More than $50 million
Question 17

Donald Trump made a record in the political history of the USA. What word did he use the most in a speech ?

« America »
« I »
« We »
Question 18

How many mandates did he have in the policy area ?

No mandate
2 mandates
5 mandates
Question 19

What will he want to do about cannabis in his country ?

He wants to legalize cannabis in all the country.
He wants to legalize the cannabis only for medical reasons.
He wants to increase the penalties.
Question 20

With which country did he decide to rethink the relationship ?



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