Quiz Barack Obama

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Question 1
When was he born ?

4th august 1961
5th may 1961
20th january 1961
Question 2
Where was he raised?

In France
In Indonesia
The united-states
Question 3
When did he start politics?

3 years later his wedding
4 years later his wedding
5 years later his wedding
Question 4
He was the

42th president of the States
43th president of the States
44th president of the States
Question 5
When was he president ?

20th january 2009 to 19th january 2017
20th january 2009 to 20th january 2010
20th january 2009 to 20th january 2017
Question 6
In 1990, he was the:

First African American to preside over the prestigious
Second African American to preside over the prestigious
Third African American to preside over the prestigious
Question 7
Which war did he oppose ?

The Iraq war
The Star Wars
The Second world war
Question 8
Who is his wife

Celine Dion
Michelle Robinson
Michelle Robisone
Question 9
How did he become famous

He sang
He pronounced in speech
He play baseball
Question 10
Where was he elected?

The Illinois Senate
The pantagon
In high school as a delegate

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