Serge Gainsbourg (LPP St Joseph)

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Bonne chance =D

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Question 1

What was his real name ?

His real name was Serge Ginsburg
His real name was Lucien Ginsburg
His real name was Pierre Ginsburg
Question 2
What was his first album ?

His first album was Aux armes et caetera
His first album was Du chant à la une
His first album was Bonnie and Clyde
Question 3
Who was his first wife ?

His first wife was Jane Birkin
His first wife was Bambou
His first wife was Lise Levitzky
Question 4

What was his album with the single "Vieille Canaille" ?

It was Aux armes et caetera
It was Inilitials BB
It was Melody Nelson
Question 5

When did he die ?

He died in 1986
He died in 1991
He died in 1995
Question 6
Did he play in a film ?

No he didn't
Yes he did
He was an actor and a musican
Question 7
Where did he live ?

He lived in Lyon
He lived in Paris
He lived in Strasbourg
Question 8
How many children did he have ?

He had 2 children
He had 3 children
He had 4 children
Question 9

What is the name of his boy child ?

His name is Serge
His name is Lulu
His name is Patrick
Question 10

What is the music style of Inilitials BB single

The music style is reggae
The music style is classic
The music style is jazz

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