Les Affranchis

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Question 1
Who is the director of this film

Steven spielberg
Martin scorsese
Brian de palma
Question 2
Which actor received an oscars for his potrayal of Tommy de vito

Paul sorvino
Joe Pesci
Robert De Niro
Question 3
Who plays the role of Tommy De Vito's mother

Catherine scortesese
Audrey edburn
Sophia copolla
Question 4
Which actor has a small role in this movie?

Bruce Willis
Denzel Washington
Samuel L Jackson
Question 5
Who plays the role of Karen Hill

Lorraine Bracco
Michelle Pfeiffer
Pam Grier
Question 6
What Henry Hill Doesn't Do To Make Money

Drug traffic
He robs banks
He sells cigarettes
Il vole des camions
Question 7
Henry says at the start of the film 'As far back as I can remember ...'

I always liked to be well dressed
I always wanted to be a gangster
I always wanted to be rich
I never killed anyone
Question 8
What does Karen Hill do when she finds out that her husband has a mistress?

She commits suicide
She kills the mistress
She threatens her husband with a gun
She runs away with her children
Question 9
Who betrays his friends so as not to go to jail?

Henry hill
Paul cicero
Tommy de vito
Jimmy conway
Question 10
Who kills Spider in a map game

Tommy de vito
Henry hill
Paul cicero
Jimmy conway

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