London in the 19th century

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Question 1

What city was the capital of the British economy?

Question 2
The industrial revolution had only a positive impact?

Yes, the industrialization had only a positive impact
No, the industrialization had too a negative impact
No, the indstrialisation had only a negative impact
Question 3
What was the quarter who was much poorer?

The North end
The South end
The West end
The East end
Question 4
What was the industrialization negatives impact's?

A lot of emigrants
Question 5
What type of district of London was Whitechapel?

Whitechapel was the better district of London
Whitechapel was a normal district
Whitechapel was the worst district of London
Question 6
What job the women had to turn to survive?

They had to become miners
They had to turn to prostitution
They had to work in the factories
Question 7
A serial killer killed in Whitechapel, What was his name?

Harry the killer
Jack the killer
Jack the ripper
Question 8
When this killer killed for the first time?

May 1878
Autumn 1878
Autumn 1888
Question 9
Who was the victimes of this killer?

The women
The men
The children
Question 10
Why was easy to this killer to kill?

Because the victims was smogs
Because the streets was darks
Because he was very strong

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