WDIM 005 - English test: "What does it mean?"

Average rating : Published by SuzetteING on April 28th, 2023
English test - level B1-B2

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Question 1
What does "faint of heart" mean?

Given life or energy; set in motion
Disadvantage; a part of something that is not good
People who are not brave enough to do something difficult or dangerous
Question 2
What does "getting into the game" mean?

Try or attempt to do something
Joining an activity, field, trend or competition
To look or be like something
Question 3
What does "give (something) a whirl" mean?

To gather information from different sources
Try or attempt to do something, usually for the first time
Browsing through or quickly reading parts of something
Question 4
What does "promise" mean?

Indication that something is very likely to be successful in the future
Attracted or persuaded someone or something
Became involved or part of something
Question 5
What does "thriving" mean?

To have control over something
Delaying on purpose because you need more time
Doing very well; growing; flourishing
Question 6
What does "try (one's) hand at (something)" mean?

To try to do an activity for the first time
To ask or order someone or something to come
Displays; makes something more noticeable
Question 7
What does "legitimate" mean?

Basic or primary
Real; legal
Question 8
What does "on end" mean?

Continuously; without pause or interruption
In constant travel or activity
In a clear and noticeable manner
Question 9
What does "pounding" mean?

Making something start
A heavy attack or defeat
Entering into something
Question 10
What does "ultimately" mean?

Basically; most importantly
In an honest, frank and direct manner
At the end


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