WDIM 007 - English test: "What does it mean?"

Average rating : Published by SuzetteING on May 4th, 2023
English test - level B1-B2

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Question 1
What does "slightly" mean?

Full of light
A little
Question 2
What does "staring" mean?

Looking at something for a long time with the eyes wide open, especially when surprised, frightened, or thinking
Displaying; making something more noticeable
Sending out or reflecting light
Question 3
What does "talk (one) through (something)" mean?

To explain something to someone in steps
To browse through
To illustrate or produce using color
Question 4
What does "thought-provoking" mean?

Doing very well; growing; flourishing
Causing someone to think a lot and seriously about something
To give the responsibility
Question 5
What does "cash in on (something)" mean?

To use something as an opportunity to make money
To gather information on (something)
To strengthen or improve something
Question 6
What does "ferry" mean?

To become involved or part of something
To be or go outside
To carry or move an object or person on a vehicle, such as a boat or a car, between two places at a short distance
Question 7
What does "put up with (someone or something)" mean?

To continue to accept an unpleasant person or situation
To sit close to (someone or something)
To show that one is better than someone
Question 8
What does "subterranean" mean?

Located under another object
Located in the south of the Mediterranean
Located under the ground
Question 9
What does "crowd" mean?

A circular decoration for the head
Made one angry
A large group of people who have come together
Question 10
What does "to further" mean?

To try or attempt to do something
To help something advance or progress
To set in motion


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