WDIM 009 - English test: "What does it mean?"

Average rating : Published by SuzetteING on May 10th, 2023
English test - level B1-B2

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Question 1
What does "stock photograph" mean?

An image that people or companies can buy and use for creative or commercial purposes
A photograph database shared for free
The action to collect pictures
Question 2
What does "diminish" mean?

An informal - and not pleasant - name for someone or something
People from Dimish
To decrease or cause something to decrease
Question 3
What does "gear something for/to/towards somebody/something" mean?

To design or organize something so that it is suitable for a particular purpose, situation, or group of people
Try or attempt to do something with somebosy/something
To form an opinion or guess that something is true
Question 4
What does "keeps a close eye on (something)" mean?

Carefully watches or pays attention to something
Staring at (something)
To ignore something
Question 5
What does "namesake" mean?

Something that takes effort over a long time
A person or thing having the same name as another person or thing
A phone that is connected to friends agenda
Question 6
What does "stir" mean?

To mix a liquid or other substance by moving an object such as a spoon in a circular pattern
To control the direction of a vehicle
To ask or order someone or something to come
Question 7
What does "tailbacks" mean?

A situation where there are so many vehicles on the road that traffic cannot move
A part of an animal's body, sticking out from the base of the back
Lines of vehicles caused by traffic congestion
Question 8
What does "building on" mean?

Using something as a starting point for further success or progress
Mixing drinks
From the start or beginning
Question 9
What does "earmarked" mean?

Disadvantage; a part of something that is not good
Decided to use something for a particular purpose
Helped something advance or progress
Question 10
What does "praise" mean?

Bring something
The act of reading or examining something carefully
Things that you say that express your admiration and approval of someone or something


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