Tom's diner

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Choose the best phrase that answers each question.

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Question 1

What time is the singer sitting at the diner?

In the evening.
In the morning.
In the afternoon.
Question 2
What is she waiting for the man to pour?

The coffee.
The tea.
The water.
Question 3
What is he looking out the window?

At everybody going out.
At nobody at all.
At somebody coming in.
Question 4
What does the man behind the counter say to the woman?

It is always nice to see you.
It is never good to see you.
I am sometimes glad to see you.
Question 5
What are the people doing as the singer looks the other way?

They are introducing themselves.
They are kissing their hellos.
They are saying goodbye.
Question 6
What's in the newspaper as the singer opens it?

The story of a villain.
The story of a good gentleman.
The story of an actor.
Question 7
What sections is the singer turning to?

To the obituary and the horoscope.
To the horoscope and the funnies.
To the reader's letters and editorial.
Question 8
What does the singer raise as she feels somebody's watching her?

Her heart.
Her hat.
Her head.
Question 9
What does the woman on the outside see?

She sees her own reflection.
She sees the singer.
She sees her husband.
Question 10
What is the woman outside doing?

Hitching up her skirt.
Hitching up her dress and putting on her stockings.
Hitching up her skirt and straightening her stockings.
Question 11
What is the weather like?

It's windy.
It's snowy.
It's raining.
Question 12
What is the singer listening to?

To the bells of the cathedral.
To the boys of the cathedral.
To the voice of the cathedral.


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