Math Quiz to test math knowledge of GED Math topics

Average rating : Published by cylverlyne on December 16th, 2013
A pre-test to gauge your skills so you can discover math topics that you need to strengthen before taking the GED math test or college entrance math test. Free math tutor sessions available at .

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Question 1
Josie wants to buy 5 cupcakes. Each cupcake cost $2.30. How much will she pay total for the 5 cupcakes?

None of the above
Question 2
What is true about the number 25? (Choose all that apply)

It is a prime number
It is a composite number
It is an even number
The square root of this number equals 5.
None of the above.
Question 3
Kaeden wants to buy a new pair of shoes. The original price of the shoes is $40.00. The shoes are currently on sale and have been discounted for 15% off the original price. What will the shoes cost at the discounted price?

None of the above.
Question 4
There are 10 marbles in a bag. Two of them are green. Three are blue and five are red. If randomly selecting a single marble, what is the probability that the selected marble is green?

None of the above.
Question 5
Considering a right triangle, which of the following is a possibility for the angle measurements of the three interior angles?

50, 90, 40
30, 90, 50
60, 60, 60
25, 100, 10
Not enough information provided to answer.
Question 6
F(x) = 2(3x-4) + x, where x =10

None of the above
Question 7
Tyler wants to buy 8 tickets to attend a concert. The first 5 tickets must be purchased at full price, but any additional tickets will be discounted 10%. If the ticket price is represented by p, which expression shows the total cost for the 8 tickets?

8p + .10
8(p + .10)
5(p - .10) + 3
5p + 3(.90p)
Not enough information to write an expression.
Question 8
Johanna has a rectangular garden. The width of the garden is 30 yards. The length of the garden is 5 yards less than 2 times the width. What is the perimeter of her garden?

None of the above.
Question 9
A train is traveling at the speed 80 mph (miles per hour). How many miles does the train travel after 15 minutes?

40 miles
20 miles
15 miles
1/4 mile
None of the above.
Question 10
A cube has a edge length of 7 inches. What is the volume of the cube?

21 cubic inches
49 cubic inches
14 cubic inches
343 cubic inches
Not enough info to solve the problem.


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